welcome, humans

A belated welcome to koan study. It’s gratifying to have a few visitors – and perhaps some of you are not bots.

As well as the regular writings, you may find small reasons to re-visit over in the new sidebar. (Though it may be down below on mobile devices.) There are recent photos and manipulations from my Instagram under “recent stills”. There’s the previously-mentioned koan sound Spotify playlist of “recommended listening”. There are good reads and other useful links from around the web under “input”. And links to the endeavours of friends and acquaintances from around the web under “sangha”.

Finally, there are some contact details. You’re very welcome to send an email to koanstudy [at] gmail [dot] com. I welcome any feedback or suggestions – what you like, what you don’t, or just to tell me a bit about what it’s like wherever you are in the world.

Thank you for visiting.