thank you, omicron

A positive CPR test, and I’m assuming it’s omicron. I’m assuming it’s omicron because my immunity should be pretty high, and this is the kind of COVID you can still catch when that’s the case. I had COVID last January, have since been double jabbed, but unfortunately was not able to book a booster in time. In fact, I must have picked up COVID around the time I had my booster.

Also the symptoms seem to fit. The main one being extreme tiredness. I could just sleep. And that poses interesting questions around meditating. My teacher suggested lying meditation, and to just sleep if I felt the urge. I’ve been working on the who am I koan since taking the precepts. I don’t know if I’m making progress but I’m yet to “pass”, if that’s the right word.

You pose the question, then meditate on it – gently. Don’t commentate on it. Don’t form narratives around it. Don’t mentally write answers to it. Just pose the question, then, more or less, meditate as normal – with a suggestion of the question perhaps lurking under the surface. At least that’s my understanding of koan study. Could be, then, that omicron – or rather the fatigue that comes with it – could be helping me to not overly-fixate on this question. I guess we’ll find out next sanzen.

There is much writing on meditating when tired and how it can actually help. They also say that more or less everything – especially adversity – is a teacher. So thank you, omicron.