true master


The true master helps everyone,
Without a thought of rejection.
Do you see an enemy or a teacher?
Avoid delusion
And honour them.



The master travels ever onward,
Never leaving her cart.
Though there’s so much to see,
She takes or leaves what passes by,
At one with her indifference.

before the universe


Before the universe,
Amid the chaos,
Empty and alone.
Because I do not know its name,
I call it the way.



Standing on tiptoes,
We falter.
Rushing ahead,
We fall behind.

The self-named righteous
Do not see their wrongs.
Proclaiming their deeds,
They only diminish them.

The path goes another way.

torrents rain


Open up to the way
To become one with it.
Open up to virtue,
To become virtuous.
Open up to loss,
To lose yourself.

Gales blow
And torrents rain
Only briefly.
Yet we witter
And fuss endlessly,
Over trifles

When trust is lost,
We are all untrustworthy.



To be full,
Become empty.
To become new,
Grow old.
Desire little,
Get it.
Desire much,
Do not.

The sage follow the way,
So others may follow in turn.
They are luminous.
Wanting nothing,
The world cannot overcome them.

To become whole,
Submit to breaking.



Though the way is ungraspable,
We know it exists.
Though evasive,
It is manifest.
Though secluded,
It brims with vitality.
It has been here
Since the beginning.
Where does it come from?
Look inside and see.