making space

Hey. I might post in my “stream” category for a bit. This is a category intended for bits and pieces that don’t fit anywhere, and that’s very much where I am right now.

Things I’d like to talk about soon:

  • 100 days of meditation, and why I stopped writing about it
  • taking the precepts (done)
  • adding an 11th prevent (done, thank you, Roshi)
  • dharma names (having one, and what to do with it)
  • beginning koan study, and failing at it

I might also talk about about zen and work and zen and the internet. I’ve resisted that for a long time because that’s not what I wanted this blog to be about. But at the moment I’m not quite getting to the creative stuff I wanted to, so let’s at least do something: I’m happier when I do.

Thanks for sticking with me.