day 5

This 100 days idea was rather optimistic, apparently. I’m going to keep going, but obviously I’m not meditating, or writing about it, or writing here generally in fact, so much as I’d like. I’m tempted to blame busy-ness at work, and to an extent that’s fair, but I’m coming round to the view that how busy one feels at work is as much to do with state of mind as it is volume of work to be done. It’s time I noticed that feeling of busy-ness as a sign that a mental adjustment is needed. Do I really need to follow up on that idea? Or say yes to that suggestion? Or get involved in that conversation, however much it may touch on my areas of responsibility, and however wrong I think people might be? Almost certainly not. Bring it back to the basics, and doing them well, and helping the people around you – particularly those it is your responsibility to help. A bit like life, really. And: remember to breathe.