day 40 and 41

Thursday: an early start for a train to London. Did my sitting in a quiet carriage, feet planted on floor so I look like I’m just relaxing (which, in a way, I am.) Motion and hum of the train helpful. Couldn’t help smile at the roar of a train motor grinding up to speed on the platform – something I haven’t heard in a long time.

Discipline: 7/10.

Friday: 30 mins zazen before sanzen. Should have gone out to the studio. Woody (a whippet) kept asking for something. Always happy to help, but couldn’t figure out what it was. It’s usually food or bed-related, but not this morning. In the evening he did it again, and we figured out he was asking for his new pain killers for his troublesome back.

Discipline: 2/10.

Note: published Saturday.