day 1

Penultimate day of sesshin with my new teacher. We began Wednesday, and today is Saturday. Grateful that this coincides with time off in the run-up to a new job. Each morning, just over two hours of zazen (sitting meditation), teisho ( a formal talk) and kinin (walking meditation). In zazen, I’ve been working with the koan who am I? It’s too tempting, and too easy to answer no one. And though I know it’s the right answer, I’m peeling back the layers to get there in order to say so sincerely.

According to this series, this should be day 8. But I’m resetting the count from the start of sesshin, making this day 4 of consecutive sitting. In fact, let’s call this day 1 – I should probably keep a diary and can do so here. My commitment to myself now is 100 days with 30 minutes sitting without missing a day. I’ll remove the tag from the previous posts associated with the false start: I wasn’t ready.