day 2

Day 2 of 100 documented days of zazen, and the last day of a 5-day sesshin. A lovely teaching on the fundamentals of buddhism, the eightfold path, good intent, and right action. An interesting note from my teacher that though the noble eightfold path is usually translated to mean right or correct thought etc, another possible translation is clear, which to her makes more sense.

Then, the noble eightfold path looks like this:

  1. Clear view
  2. Clear thought
  3. Clear speech
  4. Clear activity
  5. Clear livelihood
  6. Clear effort
  7. Clear mindfulness
  8. Clear practice

I’ve also seen an alternative translation as “complete”. As a writer, I’m quite drawn to the idea of “clear speech” being a core behavioural tenet, if not a religious belief. (I’ll not wade into whether buddhism and zen constitute a religion or not…)

I don’t think this is what a meditation diary entry is supposed to look like, but oh well, it’s what came out of my fingers.