day 26

Last winter, we made friends with a robin. Jude made first contact. The robin learned Jude would fill the feeders and would begin to sing for her to come. Before long, it would feed from her hand, then all our hands. By summer, it would come to sit with us, even when it didn’t want food. Not for long, but as if to check in. It would even come a small way into the house at times.

We knew the robin couldn’t stay forever, and by midsummer he no longer came to visit. We have a new robin now. Perhaps over winter, when food is scarce, we’ll befriend this one too.

30 minutes afternoon zazen. Discipline: 7/10.

Note: published next day.

zen stream

Quick announcement: a regular Twitch stream every wednesday at 8pm, UK time. Expect nice sounds and visuals, plus some relaxing natter. Starting out, expect AV-rich video games (Tetris Effect, most likely, for the first few streams). As the library of koan study AV material grows, I might branch out into some shows and mixes rather than games streams – we’ll see. First one was last night – and it felt like a nice thing. Bonus streams might pop up now and again too. Not sure where to announce those, if at all. Look out on Instagram, maybe?

So that’s every Wednesday, 8pm UK time on Twitch. here’s the link:

the tao

Quiet. A week busy with other things, but back now I hope.

Want to take a moment to mention JH McDonald. The recent series of posts tagged The Way is inspired by an interest in Eastern Philosophy, and in particular the Tao Te Ching. It is not a translation (I’m not qualified) but a derivative. Contemplation – or perhaps feeling – is as much a source as anything. But it owes an undeniable debt to McDonald’s open source translation of Lao Tzu – some passages more than others – but certainly throughout.

welcome, humans

A belated welcome to koan study. It’s gratifying to have a few visitors – and perhaps some of you are not bots.

As well as the regular writings, you may find small reasons to re-visit over in the new sidebar. (Though it may be down below on mobile devices.) There are recent photos and manipulations from my Instagram under “recent stills”. There’s the previously-mentioned koan sound Spotify playlist of “recommended listening”. There are good reads and other useful links from around the web under “input”. And links to the endeavours of friends and acquaintances from around the web under “sangha”.

Finally, there are some contact details. You’re very welcome to send an email to koanstudy [at] gmail [dot] com. I welcome any feedback or suggestions – what you like, what you don’t, or just to tell me a bit about what it’s like wherever you are in the world.

Thank you for visiting.

the voice of one hand

Spotify playlist: koan sound – a short playlist of recommended tracks in current rotation. Newly added tracks will always appear first, so if you’re a repeat listener, you’ll hear new additions first. It’ll max out at 10 tracks – after that, older ones will drop off the list (but won’t be gone forever – more on which soon.) koan sound will feature mostly newer releases, with a sprinkling of older tracks. Old or new – all have a certain undefinable something about them – a koan sound. You can always find it over in the (new!) side bar. ➡️