Shortcuts to weariness:
The benevolent impulse,
The abundance of speech.
A bellows, though empty,
Is filled with potential.

pirate tv

Last night, Coldcut Pirate TV was as good as to feature hallowed earth in the closing moments of the stream. You can re-play the show on Twitch – hallowed earth comes up around the 2-hour mark.

Thanks to Matt, Dini, and the Pirate TV crew. Pirate TV goes out every Wednesday at 9pm in the UK on Twitch, Youtube, Facebook and Mixcloud.

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Walking wary,
Forging a way,
Through the
Worries of the crowd.

Sharp points and
Lustre dulled,
Tangles unraveled,
Flame diminished.

An empty watering can,
Overgrown and rusted,
Afraid of overflowing.

the voice of one hand

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Disregard superiority, kill rivalry.
Ignore rarity, dispel thieves.
Calm of will, tame of impulse.
Full bellies, strong bones.
With no compulsion, inaction.
Without action, all is well.



The grotesque from the radiant,
Ineptitude from skill.
Light / shade,
Commonplace / arcane:
All is music,
Contrasting, codependent,
Heard only by the silent.

Beginning, growing,
Relentless happening,
According to form, code, custom.
In return,
Expecting nothing.



Unwalked, unnamed, unending:
The source. Wantless,
Joining the great question,
Where subtlety resides.