Disregard superiority, kill rivalry.
Ignore rarity, dispel thieves.
Calm of will, tame of impulse.
Full bellies, strong bones.
With no compulsion, inaction.
Without action, all is well.



The grotesque from the radiant,
Ineptitude from skill.
Light / shade,
Commonplace / arcane:
All is music,
Contrasting, codependent,
Heard only by the silent.

Beginning, growing,
Relentless happening,
According to form, code, custom.
In return,
Expecting nothing.


It’s wheelless now—the memory of a mill, taxidermally stuffed with department store furnishings. The crossing is ramshackle and time-beaten, all rust and lichen. It marks a way now mostly forgotten, except by those undeterred by unending green. First, a reed marsh, sparsely punctuated with willow and young oak. Next, a fork: one way a lonely farm; the other, along the river, to the eventual promise of huffers.

deer field

The sunset field, the dawn field – exposed, yet a haven, threats visible on all sides. There they gather, fifty or so, huddled, mostly calm. Three stags among doe and fawn, and one pale juvenile: an outlier kept safe amid ash and chestnut siblings. There they rest, sniffing and scratching the earth; under sun dogs, contrails and cirrus; awaiting nightfall – the chance to roam.