day 1

Every day, after 20 or 30 minutes of zazen (sitting meditation), I’m going to sit down and write whatever comes to mind for 5 minutes. This is not a meditation diary, as such. It may or may not be about meditation – we’ll see. Specifically, that is. Whatever these writings turn out to be about, I hope they’ll reflect meditation, or meditative and contemplative reflection, in a broader way. I’m going to try to do 100 of these. I know I won’t manage 100 consecutive days. Some days life will get in the way and I won’t manage to sit. Other days I’ll sit then forget to write. But eventually, I hope to get to 100 small pieces. I expect some will be very short if I do more reflecting than typing. I’ve just noticed I forgot to start my timer. That feels like 5 minutes. There’s one, then.